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Our Services

On Demand Air Charter: Rain or shine we will deliver: Our certifications allow us to operate while our competitors are grounded by weather conditions. We operate throughout the week, weekends, holidays and offer 24 hour emergency service. We provide services for everyone, any and all are welcome: Freight Forwarders, Resorts, Wholesalers, Retailers, Food stores, Construction-Building Suppliers and much more.

Loading –Off Loading: Our Airport location conveniently houses our offices and our warehouse to allow for faster service, storage and shipments. We offer loading and off loading services as a part of every chartered flight from Opa-locka Executive airport at no additional cost to our clients; for standard loads. Overweight loads, Bulk loads and flights departing from other airports are subject to separate pricing or the client can reserve the right to provide alternative arrangements for loading / offloading.

Cargo Pallets: We understand that our customers are not always able to arrange the cargo to the size specifications of the various cargo doors of our fleet. In preparation for every flight we ensure the cargo is stacked on pallets or organized in a manner that allows for safe transport at no added expense to our clients.
Document Preparation: As a courtesy to our valued clients we prepare the necessary documents for cargo transport when they are unable to do so. We make every effort to simplify and assist in the cargo transport process.

Careers: Pilot, Certified A& P Mechanic, Management, Business Development and Operations.
We do not have any vacancies at this time. Any resumes or personal information received will not be kept on file neither responded to until such time an employment opportunity becomes available. All employment opportunities will be posted on our website.

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