Airfreight into the Bahamas

by | Sep 10, 2020

All, repeat, all the cargo we carry receives our personal touch. It’s a fact: each and every piece of cargo placed aboard our airplanes has been personally lifted, shifted, or stacked by a real person. Most often that’s Sergio Suarez and Alexander Cano, our loaders. And, sometimes our CEO, Sergio Alen, pitches in and drives the forklift.  How many CEOs do you know can load airfreight?  That’s just how personal we get at Florida Air Cargo. 

Most of our Caribbean destinations are about an hour’s flight time from Miami, so you know your cargo is well on its way the moment our wheels leave the runway. We fly anytime. But mostly we like to leave at the crack of dawn. To accommodate this schedule we load our airplanes the afternoon prior. Our current customers enjoy this arrangement because they can unload their cargo pallets on our ramp and we take it from there. 

That’s when our loaders Sergio and Alexander go to work placing customer cargo aboard our fleet.  Florida Air Cargo offers three cargo DC-3s as well as the C-208B Cessna Caravan. 

The airline, based at Miami’s Opa-Locka Airport, has the distinction of operating the world’s largest fleet of DC-3s, an airplane that for over 80 years has been an aviation icon. The airplane was built to fly 6,000 pounds of freight, while our Cessna Caravan easily accommodates 2,000 pounds.

Because our trips are charter flights, the personal touch extends to administrative matters, too. Our office secretary Dennesha Macrae coordinates everything—scheduling, customs documentation, receivables, etc.  She’s a whiz. Dennesha’s familiar with every airfield operation in The Bahamas and is on a first-name basis with airport staffers.  

Our flight crews typically are on a handshake welcome every time they arrive in the islands. And that covers many landing fields—notably Nassau, Freeport, Great Abaco, Marsh Harbour, and Treasure Cay. 

The Caribbean is a vast space when it comes to air freight. Puerto Rico and other islands have seen Florida Air Cargo arrive with emergency supplies during periods of disaster relief. Yet the close proximity of The Bahamas has offered a unique service pattern for Florida Air Cargo which is owed to the reliability of its fleet. 

Given that most of our airplanes are as old as some grandparents demonstrates the daily care and attention that goes into maintaining the world’s largest fleet of DC-3s. For over a decade sustainability is an idea that has been floated within local municipalities and businesses alike.  For more practical reasoning—such as safety—our sustainability has focused on the reliability of our equipment, crew training, and close customer interaction.  

Name recognition has helped to keep us airborne.  More and more shippers recognize the ease with which to set up a freight trip. At Florida Air Cargo we’re all about hands-on attention. See for yourself.  Call us at (305) 687-5880.