Florida Air Cargo – your choice for safe transport to the Bahamas

by | May 25, 2020

Are you looking for cargo transport to the Bahamas? Are you currently moving from South Florida and looking for a convenient company to bring all your goods to your new place in the Bahamas? Are you on the search for a reliable air cargo company? No matter what you need to transport, Florida Air Cargo is the right choice. With years of experience in the air cargo industry, the company offers multiple customers the ideal shipping experience. Florida Air Cargo is home between the South of Florida and the Bahamas, offering clients a safe transport of goods and possessions.

Florida Air Cargo in times of the Corona pandemic

Due to the current worldwide pandemic, numerous companies had to shut down their service altogether. The health of our clients and all of our staff members is our highest priority. Due to high measurements and safety precautions, Florida Air Cargo ensures all the necessary health standards for both customers and the staff. Despite the focus being on the overall health, we guarantee the usual and safe transport and the high satisfaction of our clients. 

Your service at Florida Air Cargo

With our motto, “We take our reliability seriously!” we promise you outstanding service as your Top Cargo Airline. We offer professional transport of goods from Florida to the Bahamas and bring your possessions to the required destination. 

What can clients transport with Florida Air Cargo?

  • Hotel Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Pallets
  • TVs and other electronics
  • Auto parts
  • Emergency supplies
  • Bulky goods of any size

How does the transport with Florida Air Cargo work?

Florida Air Cargo takes the responsibility of your goods to be transported from South Florida to your destination in the Bahamas. Customers need to deliver the goods themselves at the company or the airport, as Florida Air Cargo does not offer a pick-up service. After the clients have signed the contract and the transportation is all set, the goods will be transported within a short amount of time. The exact date and the place of delivery at the Bahamas can be individually discussed with each of our clients, ensuring the accurate service needed. The air freight will only be scheduled on demand. 

Florida Air Cargo is one of the best companies to choose for safe transport between Florida and the Bahamas. Our experienced staff ensures quick and reliable transportation to your property in the Bahamas. From the first meeting to the booking of the cargo transport and the transport itself, Florida Air Cargo is in close contact with the clients. 

Your advantages with Florida Air Cargo

The market of the cargo industry is currently expanding in Florida and all of the United States. More customers are booking reliable transport across the country and worldwide, and various goods are transported via air freight. Still, Florida Air Cargo remains the right choice for those located in the Bahamas or South Florida. With Florida Air Cargo, you book a safe and reliable transport with a trusted company. Even despite the current situation, Florida Air Cargo ensures that the general service has no disadvantages for the customers. The company’s tremendous support and the fast delivery to the Bahamas are among the many reasons why Florida Air Cargo is your right choice:

  • Close communication with all clients
  • Experienced staff members in the industry
  • Fast delivery to the destination
  • Transport of goods of any size or shape
  • A reliable company in Florida 
  • Transport from Miami and anywhere in the South of Florida to the destination on the Bahamas

With Florida Air Cargo, you choose safety and professionalism for your cargo transport. Contact us today and use our reliable shipment service between South Florida and the Bahamas. Despite the COVID-19 situation, we are here for you, and the satisfaction of all our clients and the health measurements remains our highest priority!