If an airplane could sweat, it skin would resemble One-Sierra-Echo’s. It sports a working plane’s tarnish from years of effort. One-Sierra-Echo, the youngest in the Florida Air Cargo fleet, came out of the McDonald Douglas Tulsa, OK, factory. The day was January 10, 1945. It was given serial number 15676 and designated as a C-47B-29-DK. It was pressed into immediate service with the Royal Air Force 300 Wing sporting tail number KN250. The airplane was passed around to different RAF squadrons as it registration changed in the 1950s to GAPBCl. Like most DC-3s it found a life moving cargo for a string of airlines—Transair, Derby Aviation Ltd., South West Aviation, Morton Air Services, and Skyways Cargo. By September 1981 it was operated by Missionary Flight. It eventually found its way to the USA when in it joined the fleet of Florida Air Cargo.