Delivering Airfreight Throughout the Caribbean and the Americas
We Take Our Reliability Seriously

Delivering reliable air freight throughout

the Caribbean and the Americas

We Take Our Reliability Seriously

About Us

Welcome to Florida Air Cargo

Florida Air Cargo has experienced growth and success directly related to the high quality of leadership and that starts with Sergio R Alen.

Sergio has lived and breathed aviation from the time he was a child and started working professionally as a certified Airframe and Power plant mechanic at Miami Aviation Corporation in 1978.He started with annual Inspections, 100 hour Inspections, repairs and alterations of mostly general aviation aircraft. Since then he has done everything in aviation from modifications on Boeing 707’s, performing A, B and C checks, to Quality control, General management, Progressive Inspection Programs and acting as Director of Maintenance for several companies for more than 12 years. Sergio has brought over 30 years of aviation experience, abilities and certifications together as President of Florida Air Cargo, making it one of Florida’s top air freight companies.

We’re the Largest US
Operator of the Cargo DC-3

Florida Air Cargo has the distinction of being America’s number one commercial airline flying the cargo version of the DC-3. Our fleet consists of three DC-3s, of which each possesses a long and varied history.
The probability is very high that the reader of this page is younger than any of the three airplanes under discussion. Our thanks to photographer and historian Michael Prophet of the Netherlands for assembling these histories.


If an airplane could sweat, it skin would resemble One-Sierra-Echo’s. It sports a working plane’s tarnish from years of effort. One-Sierra-Echo, the youngest in the Florida Air Cargo fleet, came out of the McDonald Douglas Tulsa, OK, factory. The day was January 10, 1945. It was given serial number 15676 and designated as a C-47B-29-DK. […]


Today it appears in snow white color scheme. It came off the assembly line of McDonald Douglas’s Longbeach, CA plant on July 30, 1943. It was given serial number 9967 and designated as a C-47A-45DL. It was promptly delivered to the Army’s 8th Air Force with tail number 42-24105. Like most vintage airplanes there is […]


Flies the Florida Air Cargo colors. It came out of the McDonald Douglas factory in Longbeach, CA, in December 1943 as a C-47A-70-DL with serial number 19286. It was immediately shipped to the Army Air Force in England and assigned tail number 42-100823. There it flew with the 8th and 9th Air Force during 1944. […]

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The Florida Air Cargo Crew

  • Capt. Sergio R. Alen
    Capt. Sergio R. Alen President & CEO

    An example of leadership at Florida Air Cargo occurs every day at a table in a hot airport warehouse where the CEO sits surrounded by mechanics and pilots. Sergio, who has over forty years in this business, came up through the maintenance ranks to own and operate Florida Air Cargo. Lunch-table meetings are a daily routine. The time means sharing plans for the next day and readying the fleet, thus fulfilling a promise to a customer in the Caribbean. By the end of lunch everyone at the table is as familiar with the customer as they are with the industrial fan blowing on them.

  • Dennesha Mcrae
    Dennesha Mcrae Office Manager

    Dennesha is the first to tell you she learned about aviation from the ground up. She came aboard as secretary two years ago armed with an AA degree as a legal assistant, along with three years of skills as a corporate concierge in downtown Miami.  Now as office manager, she routinely clears flights with Customs and Border Protection, as well as keeps everyone else looking smart.

  • Capt. Keith Kearns
    Capt. Keith Kearns Chief of Operations

    The longevity of the DC-3 is possible thanks to the resolve and dedication of pilots such as Keith. He is one of those aviators who actually know how to fix what he flies, as he is both a licensed pilot and A&P mechanic.  He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science. Keith has been with Florida Air Cargo since its inception in 2003.

  • Daniel “Danny” Cruz
    Daniel “Danny” Cruz mechanic apprentice

    Since 2016, Danny has applied his mechanical talent in assuring that three DC-3s and a Cessna caravan are fully operational for scheduled departures. Not an easy feat when dealing with Florida’s ramp temperature and erratic afternoon storms.

  • Capt. Alexander “Alex” Mederos
    Capt. Alexander “Alex” Mederos Chief Pilot

    Captain Alex has racked up over 6,000 hours in various airplanes, more than half of which have been in the cockpit of a DC-3. Most of his time aloft has been in Caribbean airspace. Alex was graduated with an industrial engineer’s degree from the University of Havana. After flying for a few local freight carriers, Alex came aboard Florida Air Cargo in 2008. In addition to chief pilot duties, Alex also leads the company’s ground and flight instruction for the Cessna Caravan and DC-3.

  • First Officer Martin De Urrengoechea
    First Officer Martin De Urrengoechea Copilot DC-3

    It used to be that callers to Florida Air Cargo were welcomed by Martin’s commanding voice.  That’s because in addition to flying, he did double-duty as office secretary. We like him in the air. He’s been flying as first officer since August 2018.

  • First Officer Roberto Amador
    First Officer Roberto Amador Copilot DC-3

    A longtime pilot, Roberto received his pilot wings at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, in 1963 and has flown throughout the US and Central America.  He came aboard Florida Air Cargo as a first officer in 2016.

  • Capt. Luis “Carlos” Herrera
    Capt. Luis “Carlos” Herrera Pilot Cessna Caravan

    The cockpit of the Cessna Caravan is Carlos’ domain. Ordinary executives would welcome trading places with his flying office. Carlos was a flight instructor with Endeavor Flight Training for a decade before coming to Florida Air Cargo in 2017.

  • Manuel “Manolo” Mena
    Manuel “Manolo” Mena Mechanic

    One of our aircraft mechanic wizards whose diagnostic skills rival anything digital.

  • Leroy “Junior” Forchin
    Leroy “Junior” Forchin Mechanic

    Manolo’s partner, the other wizard.

  • Sergio “Cubana” Suarez
    Sergio “Cubana” Suarez Loader

    One of our masters of forklifting and securing bulky cargo no matter how oddly sized.

  • Andy “Alexander” Cano
    Andy “Alexander” Cano Loader

    Loads freight as if he owned each piece.


What Our Clients Say

  • We have been working with Florida Air Cargo for more than 5 years. Our work experience with them is excellent. They have always been very attentive to our requirements and serviced us with excellent customer service. We would always recommend working with them.

    Green Worldwide Shipping, LLC, Miami
  • We have been in business with Florida Air Cargo for the past five-plus years as out primary cargo forwarding service. Their knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company on track throughout the years. They are not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss our concerns and respond in a timely fashion. We feel confident in recommending Florida Air Cargo shipping services.

    Sonic Express
  • Florida Air Cargo Team without saying has done a tremendous job in collecting all shipments and delivering into Marsh Harbour, Abaco Bahamas, in a timely manner. Florida Air Cargo has shown great teamwork in supporting our business, even though they are sometime given short notice to complete all documents, clearances, and transfers. Well done Team Florida Air Cargo.

    N&E Enterprises


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Keeping the Fleet Airborne

Rare is the moment that a DC-3 is ever fully together. The chances are pretty good that whenever a DC-3 is parked that its motor cowling has been removed and skilled hands are probing throughout its radial engine. Keeping an 80-year-old airplane airworthy relies on a keen sense of doing what’s been done for decades. […]

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