Are You Shipping to Nassau Bahamas?

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DC-3 or Caravan Planes Shipping to Nassau Bahamas

In need of shipping services to and from the Bahamas? Florida Air Cargo has been given the honor of being named America’s number one commercial airline that flies a version of the DC-3. We have three of these extraordinary planes that date back to the WW2 era. A time in which these incredible aircraft ruled the skies.

Florida is only a small leap away from the Bahamas, meaning, we will have your cargo delivered to Nassau in no time flat. Cargo that ranges from a few smaller boxes to large engines that take up our entire cargo bay in the plane, we can handle it all no problem!

Our pilots are familiar with the terrain and sometimes unpredictable weather of the South Florida area and onto the Bahamas. Our chief pilot has racked up over 6,000 hours in the cockpit of various airplanes, the majority of which were our DC-3 cargo planes. You can trust that he will ensure the safe delivery of your cargo.

Here’s a little bit about how our shipping to Nassau, Bahamas service works. After we’ve collected all of the pertinent information from you about your needs, we will then schedule a pickup time. This is when we will collect the shipments from you to be loaded onto one of our DC-3 cargo planes. We will give you updates as we go so that you can rest assured, knowing that you will be the first to know when your cargo has arrived safely in Nassau Bahamas.

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