Last week, November 701 Sierra Echo headed west under very blue sky from Miami Opa-Locka to Belize City. Followers of this column may recall 1 Sierra Echo is our first of two turbo-powered Cessna Caravans.

The office at Florida Air Cargo received a call for a rush delivery of provisions and parts for a yacht in need. Our Capt. Alex Mederos calculated and flew the four-and-half-hour trip with a dogleg around western Cuba and fuel stop in Cozumel under a layer of scattered and broken clouds.  Photographer John Greifenstein signed on as the crew member who captured and edited together a quick video of the trip for our Facebook page. 

Alex and John overnighted in Belize and the next morning with an empty Caravan flew nonstop to Opa-Locka. It looks like we’re going to repeat the trip this Friday.