Looks may be deceiving.  From a far, the sight of a single-engine airplane may be perceived as a small aircraft. It turns out the height of the average pilot comes level with the gold stripe on this turbo-driven Cessna Caravan. The cockpit door is so high above the ground that the Caravan comes with a set of stairs just for the pilot.

Our two Caravans feature the characteristic belly bin below the fuselage. Both the bin and the spacious cabin can carry awkward sections of building material—you know, the stuff Home Depot shoppers try to shove in their van, but never quit fits. That’s the stuff we fly to the Bahamas.

New construction in Nassau is leading the economic recovery in the Bahamas. The port in Nassau is under expansion to accommodate additional ships, along with additonal shops and attractions. You need 2×4 lumber in the Bahamas? Bring it on.