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Want to know more about our fleet? Here at Florida Air Cargo, we have three DC-3s that we want you to know about. We feature the best cargo plane in Miami-Dade County. You can count on our air cargo carriers.  


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Florida Air Cargo has the distinction of being America’s number one commercial airline flying the cargo version of the DC-3. Our fleet consists of three DC-3s, of which each possesses a long and varied history.


The probability is very high that the reader of this page is younger than any of the three airplanes under discussion.


Our fleet consists of three DC-3s:

  • N271SE
    • If an airplane could sweat, its skin would resemble One-Sierra-Echo’s. It sports a working plane’s tarnish from years of effort. One-Sierra-Echo, the youngest in the Florida Air Cargo fleet, came out of the McDonald Douglas Tulsa, OK, factory. The day was January 10, 1945. It was given serial number 15676 and designated as a C-47B-29-DK. It was pressed into immediate service with the Royal Air Force 300 Wing sporting tail number KN250. The airplane was passed around to different RAF squadrons as its registration changed in the 1950s to GAPBCl. Like most DC-3s, it found a life-moving cargo for a string of airlines—Transair, Derby Aviation Ltd., South West Aviation, Morton Air Services, and Skyways Cargo. By September 1981, it was operated by Missionary Flight. It eventually found its way to the USA when it joined the fleet of Florida Air Cargo.
  • N138FS
    • Today it appears in a snow-white color scheme. It came off the assembly line of McDonald Douglas’s Longbeach, CA plant on July 30, 1943. It was given serial number 9967 and designated as a C-47A-45DL. It was promptly delivered to the Army’s 8th Air Force with tail number 42-24105. Like most vintage airplanes, there is a gap in its background until it was discovered in 1972 in storage at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. The DC-3 went to Air Freight Inc., and after a series of tail number changes, it was acquired by Skyfreighters. 
  • N151MA
    • This one flies the Florida Air Cargo colors. It came out of the McDonald Douglas factory in Longbeach, CA, in December 1943 as a C-47A-70-DL with serial number 19286. It was immediately shipped to the Army Air Force in England and assigned the tail number 42-100823.
    • There, it flew with the 8th and 9th Air Force during 1944. After the war, the airplane carried passengers and freight for Czechoslovak Airlines with the tail number OK-WDP. Its history grows dark during the cold war, and then it reappears in the mid-60s with Rousseau Aviation flying goods between Brittany and the Channel Islands. By 1973, it changes its tail number to N151MA and is picked up by Mannion Aircharter of Ypsilanti, MI, where it flies cargo charters. Five-OneMike-Alpha joined the livery of Florida Air Cargo in 2006.


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Florida Air Cargo is America’s number one commercial airline flying the cargo version of the DC-3, and now you understand just how rich the history of our fleet is. Our thanks to photographer and historian Michael Prophet of the Netherlands for assembling these histories. 


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