Airfreight into the Bahamas

All, repeat, all the cargo we carry receives our personal touch. It’s a fact: each and every piece of cargo placed aboard our airplanes has been personally lifted, shifted, or stacked by a real person. Most often that’s Sergio Suarez and Alexander Cano, our loaders. And, sometimes our CEO, Sergio Alen, pitches in and drives […]

Keeping the Fleet Airborne

Rare is the moment that a DC-3 is ever fully together. The chances are pretty good that whenever a DC-3 is parked that its motor cowling has been removed and skilled hands are probing throughout its radial engine. Keeping an 80-year-old airplane airworthy relies on a keen sense of doing what’s been done for decades. […]

Florida Air Cargo – your choice for safe transport to the Bahamas

  Are you looking for cargo transport to the Bahamas? Are you currently moving from South Florida and looking for a convenient company to bring all your goods to your new place in the Bahamas? Are you on the search for a reliable air cargo company? No matter what you need to transport, Florida Air […]

Are You Shipping to Nassau Bahamas?

DC-3 or Caravan Planes Shipping to Nassau Bahamas In need of shipping services to and from the Bahamas? Florida Air Cargo has been given the honor of being named America’s number one commercial airline that flies a version of the DC-3. We have three of these extraordinary planes that date back to the WW2 era. […]

We Have Unique Cargo Carriers at Florida Air Cargo!

Want to know more about our fleet? Here at Florida Air Cargo, we have three DC-3s that we want you to know about. We feature the best cargo plane in Miami-Dade County. You can count on our air cargo carriers.     Check Out Our Fleet Florida Air Cargo has the distinction of being America’s number […]